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Freshwater Fish 5/13

Neon Tetra

Cardinal Tetra

Rainbow Emperor Tetra

Scarlet Badis

Sm. Redtail Sternella Pleco L114

Bristlenose Pleco

Rupperlip Pleco

Clown Pleco

Watermelon Pleco

Red Crayfish

Blue Crayfish

Vanilla Crayfish

Hillstream Butterfly Loach

Kuhlii Loach

Tiger Barb

Cherry Barb

Galaxy Nemo Halfmoon Plakat Betta

Lavender Halfmoon Dumbo Betta

Blue Rim Plakat Betta

Yellow Dragon Plakat Betta

Super Red Plakat Betta

Half Moon Male Betta

Asst. African Cichlid

Cyphotilapia Frontosa

Red Pike Cichlid

Clown Knife

Dwarf Freshwater BB Puffer

Half Red Dumbo Guppy

Fluorescent Blue Guppy

Multicolor Dumbo Guppy

Glofish Tetra

Painted Swordtail

Black Swordtail

Asst. Fantail Goldfish

Butterfly Koi

Oranda Goldfish

Gold Gourami


Metallic Rosy Barb

Gold Chinese Algae Eater

African Butterfly

Pictus Cat

Albino Halfbeak

Orange Lazer Cory

Blue Dream Shrimp

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