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Saltwater Fish 1/14

Midas Blenny

Algae Blenny

Bicolor Blenny

Firefish Goby

Aurora Goby

Black Hawaiian Trigger

Niger Trigger

Black/White Heniochus Butterfly

Annularis Angel

Emperor Angel

Yellow Angel

Coral Beauty

Diana Hog

Coral Hog

Sea Robin

Royal Gramma

Trunk Boxfish

Male Squamapinnis Anthias

Female Squamapinnis Anthias

Dispar Anthias

Neon Wrasse

Cleaner Wrasse

Exquisite Wrasse

Candy Cane Wrasse

Divided Wrasse

Radiant Wrasse

Yellow Coris Wrasse

4 Spot Yellow Coris Wrasse

Percula Clown

Tomato Clown

T.R Gladiator Clown

T.R. Percula Clown

Purple Tang

Sailfin Tang

Blonde Naso Tang

Powder Brown Tang

Mimic Tang

Valentini Puffer

Toby Puffer

Green Chromis

Yellow Tail Blue Damsel

Harlequin Shrimp

Blood Shrimp

Cleaner Shrimp

Peppermint Shrimp

Tiger Pistol Shrimp

Gold Coral Banded Shrimp

Pacific Red Legs

Pin Cushion Urchin

Lettuce Nudibranch

Multicolored Star

Zebra Turbo Snail

Feather Duster Cluster

Sebae Anemone

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