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Saltwater Fish 12/17

Blue Spot Jawfish

Maroon Clown (pair)

Black saddle Clown

Blue Reef Chromis

Green Chromis

3 Stripe Damsel

Flagfin Angel

French Angel

Bicolor Angel

Yellow Angel

Diamond Goby

Firefish Goby

Brown Clown Goby

Black Clown Goby

Gold head Sleeper Goby

Purple Firefish Goby

Aurora Goby

Bicolor Blenny

Algae Blenny

Niger Trigger

Pink Tail Trigger

Huma Huma Trigger

Bursa Trigger

Purple Pseudo

Exquisite Wrasse

Cleaner Wrasse

Twinspot wrasse

Sixline Wrasse

Formosa Wrasse

Dragon Wrasse

Purple Tang

Mimic Tang

Blonde Naso Tang

Blue Hippo Tang

Gold Rim Tang

Striped Sweetlips

Saddle Butterfly

Pearlscale Butterfly

Raccoon Butterfly

Saddle Butterfly


Alligator Pipefish

Dogface Puffer

Malcolor Snapper

Spanish Hog

Marine Catfish

Royal Gramma

Royal Dottyback


Evansi Anthias

Male Squamapinnis

Pink Pin Cushion Urchin

Long Spiney Urchin

Sea Hare

Basket Star

Chocolate Chip Star

Peppermint Shrimp

C.B. Shrimp

Cleaner Shrimp

Harlequin Shrimp

Emerald Crab

Slipper Lobster

Peacock Mantis Shrimp

Mexican Turbo Snail

Green Bubble Anemone

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