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Saltwater Fish 2/12

Green Chromis

Velvet Damsel

Purple Pseudochromis

Royal Gramma

Sailfin tang

Kole Tang

Hawaiin Naso Tang

Powder Blue Tang

Blue Hippo Tang

Yellow Tang

Naso Tang

Mimic Tang

Raccoon Butterfly

Bicolor Angel

Male Squamipinnis Anthias

Pink Square Anthias

Purple Queen Anthias


Ornate Batfish

Coral Beauty

Orange Toadfish

Red Leaf Fish

Spiny Boxfish

Dogface Puffer

Porcupine Puffer

Huma Huma Trigger

Blue Throat Trigger

Rectangular Trigger

Spotted Sweetlips

Oriental Sweetlips

Fiji PJ Cardinal

Panther Grouper

Tomato Clown

Maroon Clown

Black Sebae Clown

Saddle Clown

Sebae Clown

Starry Blenny

Canary Blenny

Algae Blenny

Red Scooter Blenny

Green Clown Goby

Blue Mandarin Goby

Yellow Watchman Goby

Firefish Goby

Possum Wrasse

Sailfin Wrasse

Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse

Sixline Wrasse

Red Pistol Shrimp

Sexy Shrimp

Cleaner Shrimp

Decorator Crab

Emerald Crab

Pom Pom Crab

Green Bubble Anemone

Long Tentacle Anemone

Yellow Finger Gorgonia

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