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Freshwater Fish 10/14

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Bala Shark

Pictus Catfish

Lima Shovelnose

Black Ghost Knife

Elephant Nose

Dragon Goby

Butterfly Fish



Blue Crawfish


Dwarf Gourami

Balloon Mollies

Hi Fin Swords

German Blue Ram

White Moscow Guppy

Blue Lyiretail Guppy

Rummynose Tetra

Chinese Algae Eater

Orange Aeneus Cory

Red Head Synspilium

Green Kubotai Rasbora

Panda Tetra

Double Trunk Elephant nose

Baby Whale

Balloon Penguin Tetra

Balloon Tiger Barb

Tiger Shovelnose

Albino Angels

Cardinal Tetra

Fire Eel

Black Angel

Lyire Tail Swords

Tiger Barb

Columbian Shark

Gold Chinese Algea Eater

Fancy Guppy

Purple Gudgeon Goby

Featherfin Rainbow

Gold Nugget Pleco

Rubber Lip Pleco

Calico Oranda

Rainbow Shark

Turquoise Rainbow

Lazer Ender Guppy

Red Pike


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1 Comment

Zachary Carr
Zachary Carr
Aug 24, 2021

Great read, thanks

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