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Freshwater Fish 12/16/23

Dojo Loach

Gold Dojo Loach

Horseface Loach

Angelicus Botia

Bumblebee Goby

Black African Knife

Gold Clown Knife

Leopard Ctenopoma

Exodon Paradoxus

Koi Angel

Blue Pinoy Angel

Asst. Small Angel

Velvet Wag Swordtail

Marigold Swordtail



Red Tail Shark

Albino Rainbow Shark

Albino Iridescent Shark

Iridescent Shark

Colombian Shark

Asst. African Cichlids

German Blue Ram Cichlid

Pied Red Devil Cichlid

Pictus Cat Fish

Asian Stone Cat Fish

Otocinclus (Algae eater)

Neon Lazer Cory

Skunk Cory

Panda Cory

Paleatus Cory

Pygmy Cory

Royal Pleco

L204 Flasher Pleco

Angelicus Pleco

Clown Pleco

Rubber Pleco

Bushynose Pleco

Albino Bushynose Pleco

FL Pleco

Neon Tetra

Gold Neon Tetra

Cherry Shrimp

Blue Crayfish

Dwarf Orange Mexican Crayfish

Nassarius Snail

Batman Nerite Snail

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