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Saltwater Fish 2/8/24

Sailfin Tang

Blue Hippo Tang

Auriga Butterfly

Pearlscale Butterfly

Copperband Butterfly

Longnose Butterfly

Yellow Leaf Fish

Dispar Anthias

Panther Grouper

Yellow Angel

Emperor Angel

Bicolor Angel

Pygmy Angel

Coral Beauty

Black Cap Basslet

Solar Wrasse

Orange back Wrasse

Naoko's Fairy Wrasse

Yellow Coris Wrasse

Twinspot Wrasse

Cleaner Wrasse

Sixline Wrasse

Sailfin Fairy Wrasse

Pintail Fairy Wrasse

Striped Sweetlips

Oriental Sweetlips

Spotted Sweetlips

Hector Goby

Rainfordi Goby

Psychedelic Mandarin Goby

Firefish Goby

Yellow Watchman Goby

Clown Goby

Twinspot Goby

Gold Head Sleeper Goby

Lider Goby

Valentini Puffer

Algae Blenny

Red Dragonet Blenny

Green Chromis

Asst. Damsel

Longnose Hawkfish

Geometric Hawkfish

Arc Eye Hawkfish

Percula Clown

Tomato Clown

Gold Nugget Maroon Clown

Saddle Clown

XL Cinnamon Tomato Clown

Yellow Boxfish

Royal Gramma


Royal Dottyback

Purple Pseudochromis

Sebae Anemone

Long Tentacle Anemone

Mexican Turbo Snail

Atlantic Turbo Snail

Nassarius Snail

Fighting Conch

Sea Hare

Sand Sifting Star

Chocolate Chip Star

Blood Shrimp

Cleaner Shrimp

Tiger Pistol Shrimp

Coral Banded Shrimp

Peppermint Shrimp

Sexy Shrimp

Emerald Crab

Red Leg Hermit Crab

Purple Pin Cushion Urchin

Flame Scallops

Favia Coral

Brain Coral

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