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Saltwater Fish 7/24

Domino Damsel

3 Stripe Damsel

Red/White Tilefish

Algae Blenny

Spotted Sweetlips

Emperor Snapper

Copperband Butterfly

Powder Brown Tang

Mimic Tang

Tomini Tang

Yellow Tang

Sailfin Tang

Yellow Anthias

Pink Square Anthias

Orbi Bat

Pin Tail Wrasse

Dragon Wrasse

Sixline Wrasse

Dogface Puffer

Blue Spot Puffer

Valentini Puffer

Porcupine Puffer

Sea Horse

Spiny Boxfish

Zebra Flounder

Tomato Clown

Maroon Clown

Green Chromis

Lemon Peel Angel

Flagfin Angel

Harlequin Tusk

Sand Sifting Star

Harlequin Star

Serpent Star

Blue Linkia Star

Sally Lightfoot

Sponge Crab

Snowflake Eel

mexiacan Turbo Snail

Camel Shrimp

C.B Shrimp

Slipper Lobster

Bubble Anemone

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