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Saltwater Fish 9/5/19


Coral Beauty

Blue Hippo Tang

Long Nose Butterfly

Purple Queen Anthias

Clarki Clownfish

Black Saddle Clownfish

Percula Clownfish

Valentini Puffer

Niger Trigger

Diana Hogfish

Black Sailfin Blenny

Blue Mandarin Goby

Lubbock Fairy Wrasse

Geometric Hawk

Solar Wrasse

Sailfin Tang

Rock Beauty

Spotted Sweetlips

Maroon Clown

Yellow Tang

Tomato Clown

Blue Hippo Tang


Bubble Anemone

Pink Tip Anemone

Emerald Green Crabs

Turbo Snails

Pacific Red Leg Hermit Crabs

Purple and Gold Feather Duster

Flame Scallop

Fighting Conch

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