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Severe Macaw

Baby Severe Macaw

The Severe Macaw also known as a "Chestnut-fronted macaw" is the largest of the "mini-macaws" weighing just under 1lb. With the proper care they can live 40-50 years. The Severe macaw is known to be some of the best talking Macaws.

How to care for severe macaw

cage requirement:

Minimum 34” wide, 24” deep, and 36” tall.

They require enough room to play and stretch out their wings.


High quality pellet foods mixed, bird safe fruits and veggies (dehydrated are a good option) and controlled portions of seed.

Baby Severe Macaw

Its important that they are provided a nutritious and varied diet to ensure a healthy bird.


A severe macaw requires at least two hours of outside cage play time. They need plenty of exercise to keep wing muscles strong and maintain a healthy body.

It is very important to keep their minds occupied. Macaws are very smart and without stimulation they will get bored and sometimes even depressed. It is best to provide as many toys and puzzles

Variety of bird toys


Socializing a baby macaw is the key to have a happy and friendly severe macaw. It is important to spend as much quality time with a severe macaw as possible, they are flock animals and your family is now their "flock". Severe macaws are more social birds and are less likely to be a "one person" bird.

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